In our work, we use the so-called "liquid" metals produced by the New Zealand company METALIER COATINGS Ltd. intended for the metallization of any surface or in other words - to create a "metal veneer" with a thickness of 0.3 mm to 1.5 mm.
The revolutionary technology for "liquefying" of non-ferrous and ferrous metals, such as copper, brass, bronze, iron, aluminum, allows them to be applied to almost any material (glass, ceramics, all kinds of polymers, concrete, wood, building putty and grout, MDF, , Fiberboard, etc.)
The technology of "liquid" metals extends the constructive and decorative potential of any surface, giving it the appearance of a hard metal, which can then be processed by any mechanical and chemical means. It gives a unique opportunity to create any metal texture, any methods of natural metal aging, such as all kinds of patina for non-ferrous metals or rust for iron, etching, blackening, engraving, grinding and polishing ....
Areas of application of "liquid" metals in truth are endless - from doors, furniture facades and countertops to sculptures and logos on input groups.
  • NATURAL METALS. Copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, iron. 95% metal and 5% binder resins.
  • UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES OF CREATION OF ANY METALLIC FACTURE AND TEXTURE. Grinding, polishing, relief, gloss, polish, patina, rust, blackening, aging, etc.
  • DEGREE OF DENSITY of a metal coating is equal to the density and hardness of "cast" metals. Can be used as a floor covering or countertop.
  • DOES NOT CONDUCT ELECTRICITY. Only iron is magnetized.
  • 25 YEARS OF WARRANTY IN OPEN AIR and practically eternal life in the interior.
  • ABSOLUTELY ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCT. After drying, the resin binders become absolutely chemically inert and do not react with the environment in any way. Hence, the "zero" VOC separation is different, for example from acrylates.
  • HIGH FIRE RESISTANCE AND FIRE SAFETY. When exposed to an open flame at a temperature of +200 C on a surface covered with "liquid" metals for 15 minutes, a mechanical deformation of only 0.3%.

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